Just finished chatting with a mom about her teenage daughter. The issue was the daughter was doing lots of things to get attention but all of them were negative. The mom was stressed out, tired and drained.

I stated, when children, young adults or adults for that matter can’t get positive attention, they may resort to negative behavior if they think it will meet their needs.

We’re talking about a 14 year old girl and they tend to model the people closest to them so the question was, who could she be possibility modelling?

Without a second to think about it the mom said “it’s me”. To which I responded, thank you for being honest, tell me more.

Often parents ask me to “fix” their kids when often it’s just the parents needing to adjust their own behavior so the child has a new model to work off of.

Want someone around you to speak softly, yo go first. Simple but not easy to apply if you have habits (repetitive patterns of behavior ) driving the ship.

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