Would you let a stranger into your home so they can stand in the living room doing thepoison following things?

Makes you feel scared.

fools you into feeling like you are not enough.

Tricks you into feeling you can’t be happy unless you buy things you can’t afford to impress people you’ve never met.

Programs you that “feeling” is a bad thing and needs to be drugged.

Hypnotizes you into believing the world is not a safe place.

Keeps you on edge and in a state of constant nervousness.

Shows you millions of images of “beautiful people” and making it very clear you are not one of them.

Teaches you that drugs are good and you should take some for every little pain.

We happily let this stranger in. We pay for it to stand there and poison not only us but our children as well.

This stranger is disguised as something good.

This stranger has billions of marketing dollars behind it to make sure we see it as a friend.

Who is this stranger?

It’s the TV.

Yes, I have one but the only time it gets turned on is to watch a rented movie. So I’m not against having one. But we must guard the gates of our mind.

Our reality’s foundation is built by our thoughts.

Our thoughts are controlled by our programs.

Our programs are created by our repetitive “self-talk” and the incoming messages from the outside world.

We are no match for the billions of dollars spent on TV campaigns designed to do one thing… get into our heads and create a program/belief.

We have to be super vigilant about what gets into our head. Especially the passive messages around us because they have amazing mind penetrating power.

As parents, we have to be vigilant for children especially because they are so susceptive to all the stimulation swimming around them.

I used to have a TV playing in the background 24/7. Now I enjoy true freedom that silence brings. If you’re one that needs to have sound running in the background, give music a try (with no ads).

Let’s guard the gates of our minds together and evolve into a better version of what we are. Doing so will provide the model needed and our children will follow.

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