Read a title today about “Secrets” on how to talk to kids about losing weight. The author doesn’t even have children nor has he worked with kids. That’s a turn off. The word “secret” was what drove me to write today. I have a secret…

Based on my experience, children learn best by watching and or doing.

If I wanted my child or client to drop some weight I’d not waste one minute “talking”.

Instead, we’d go have some fun outside. During our time playing physically, I’d be very careful not to “teach, judge, complain or have any expectations”. The goal is to just get out and move.

I’d keep doing this until we get some momentum. Momentum is the key foundational ingredient for habit formation.

No need to join an expensive gym or do anything directly to lose weight.

If we say to a child “let’s go out and play ball because you have to lose weight”, the child thinks the only reason you want to play is so they can get thinner. They will resist this. Instead, we go out just to be together and enjoy moving our body. If you get buy in, it’s the foundation for lasting change and a healthy relationship.

After some consistency

The child will start to value your time together and drop pounds naturally because they are being filled up with something way better than food… LOVE.

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